Excursion Program

During this day trip starting from Fez to the middle atlas mountains and its wonderful cities, Imouzzer, Ifrane and Azrou you will enjoy the beauty and the cool air of the Middle Atlas region.

At the morning you will be picked up from your accommodation with a private car to start your trip.

The first stop will be in Immouzzer city, Located on an Altitude of 1300 m, This locality is known to produce a natural mineral water in low Sodium content.

Next, you will visit the little Switzerland of Morocco, Ifrane city, the development of the city of Ifrane and its region owes much to the natural potentialities, especially the cedar forest.

Located at 1,713 meters above sea level, the town of Ifrane is known for its natural caves dug in the Jurassic carbonate layer in the form of karts.

The last stop will be Azrou city, It is a town of altitude (1,250 m) lined with mountains planted with holm oaks and cedars, which give it a special charm.

In addition to its rich biodiversity symbolized by a famous cédraie, macarach macaros called "Magots" (Macaca sylvanus), and wonderful butterflies unique in the world.

At the end we will go back to your accommodation in Fes city.

Excursion Itinerary

booking Your Excursion to The Middle Atlas